Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chocolate branches and lovely brides

I had the pleasure of making a wedding cake for Lisa and Justin recently... I had so much fun making this cake because it challenged me to think outside the box a bit. I'd never done a chocolate branch, let alone make one appear as though it's drifting up the side of all three layers. The branch had to be done in sections as I don't like to deliver my cakes already assembled. I think there's too much room for error and I don't like having to drive a dowel through the whole thing to keep it from the branch had to be finished on site.
Their reception was at Kevin Taylor's--- a lovely location you'd never expect to see in a basement. Just lovely. The staff... wonderful. I had the pleasure of seeing Lisa in her dress, and she was stunning! Even better, I got to see her reaction to her cake and that made me grin for the rest of the day. I typically don't see the happy couple the day of, as they're off getting married:)...
Lisa had provided me with a gorgeous ribbon to use on the cake--- it went so perfectly with the little sugar flowers and chocolate branch. This was a cake I didn't want to leave.
Thank you Lisa and Justin for allowing me to be a part of your happiest day. I sincerely appreciate it!


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