Friday, October 17, 2008

Sculpey clay is my friend!

I totally dig sculpting stuff for cakes! It just makes it so personal and fun:) This couple trains guide dogs and their first one didn't quite make the cut; but has become their wonderful pet instead. They went rather whimsical.

Dogs seem to a be a theme lately. Dog bone cookies, paw prints in the icing, dogs in the ceremony.... wait till you see what I'm doing this weekend! This one coming up honors a certain little guy named Dunkin. You'll see:)


Peter Holland said...

Careful now! Doing cakes for my kids is what got me started on this sculpting thing. Heck! Look at me now.

Kelley's Kitchen said...

Yes, look at you now! Your work is beautiful!
I tend to sculpt rather simple and whimsical.... however I've always thought it would be fun to delve deeper into sculpting. Perhaps during the winter months I'll take on a new hobby?