Monday, November 29, 2010

Birdsong Photography.... cool and talented all rolled into one!

You're thinking about photographers for your wedding. This is good. Mull it over a great deal, because in the end, the cake is eaten, the flowers wilt, your guests go back home and you're left with two things: a ton of wrapping paper to dispose of and your photos.

Picking your photographer is one of those crucial decisions you make for your big day. Think about what your style is, your personalities, what you want photographed. Read up on your choices, read their blogs, check out their work, ask about them on local chat boards.

When you meet with them, ponder how you felt during the meeting... and after. Are you and your future spouse chatting excitedly in the car about how much fun that was? How incredible the pictures you just viewed were? How at ease you felt? Can you imagine spending an entire day with this person?

Your photographer doesn't have to be local. Most professional photographers travel and here's an advantage to that you might not have considered; A fresh set of eyes! We live in a beautiful state and how awesome would it be to see the wonderment of Colorado captured by someone who doesn't get up and stare out the window at the mountains every day? I think that sounds pretty cool!

Last year I had the pleasure of "meeting" this amazingly cool photographer on Twitter who tweeted a message to me (in 140 characters or less) regarding my website and it's catchy opening tune. He basically wanted to steal it for his own, and I, being of a sharing nature and happy that someone else found that goofy jazz song equally entertaining, sent him the file. Since then we've struck up a friendship and bonded over raising kids, relationships and the joys of having a job that truly fulfills us. This past August Brett visited our fine state, and my husband and I spent an evening dorking out in front of his camera where we got hitched. It was an absolute blast and as we chatted about it later we both felt energized and excited and we would have jumped right into the sack, but we had lunches to pack for the kids first:).

<----husband's fav shot

Brett Birdsong travels all over. He typically drives, as he likes to take in the sites and folks as he's headed towards his destination. Despite the travel, Brett is very fairly priced. I won't say cheap, because I hate that term and don't think anyone likes to be referred to as "cheap", especially when they work so hard. Brett loves Colorado and will be here in the spring to shoot a mountain wedding. Brett would like to make Colorado one of his frequent stops.

One of mine... I laugh so much with my husband! ---->

Read his blog, check out his pictures and mull him over. Imagine the pictures he'll take of you and your nearest and dearest in a setting that is still powerful and exciting to him.

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