Saturday, February 5, 2011

Introducing Minnie! Our newest foster dog!

Meet Minnie! She's a whole lot of fun and cute rolled into one! The good folks of New Hope Cattle Dog Rescue saved her from being put down for having a rash in her armpits. Seriously.
Minnie has been with us for a few days now and is settling in nicely. She LOVES to play with our other pups, and is very sweet to the humans. She is most excellent at Tug-O-War.

Minnie's the one with the bright orange collar... she looks a lot like our Radar, but she's got some of the red heeler color mixed in there. She's a beautiful dog! Her coat is so soft:)

The New Hope folks figure she's about eleven months old, so she might have a bit of growing left to do. Right now she's right at what you'd call a medium sized dog... she's roughly 40lbs, spayed, chipped, healthy, up to date on all of her shots and her teeth are fabulous. She LOVES to play outside and run around the yard... actually, it's more like leaping and bounding around the yard. Perhaps she's part gazelle?

Minnie doesn't mind being in her crate as long as she has something to chew. I've never seen a dog unroll a rolled rawhide before, but she does and will demolish a large one of those pretty quick. Currently, she has hidden at least five around the house and yard.

Minnie is very cuddly and gentle and will gladly curl up with you (or on you) and let you scratch her ears or tummy until the sun rises.

She's quick to learn new commands and has mastered "sit" and "lay down". She knows "stay" but if you get too much distance she'll get up and move closer. This breed is made up of a mix of pretty smart dogs, and I have no doubt Minnie will quickly figure out new commands and games.

She's great in the car, but isn't obsessed with going for a ride every time you grab the keys. I've left her out of her crate a couple of times now when I ran a quick errand and happily have come back to no surprises or destroyed shoes.

If you'd like to know more about Minnie, or cattle dogs or the great and amazing people of New Hope, feel free to contact me at

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You can also find them on facebook at!/pages/New-Hope-Cattle-Dogs-Rescue-of-Colorado/176914999010640

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