Sunday, September 21, 2008

The joys of online dating sites!!

I'm feeling rather giddy today.... I've met the coolest man! A big thank you to okcupid! I can't stop grinning:) He's hot, too! Yep, still grinning:)
Dating has been an interesting experience for me. After a lengthy marriage, the thought of throwing myself out there was beyond frightening. Online dating sites seemed a good solution. It eliminated the bar scene and allowed me the ability to weed out those men who can't spell and lacked a sense of humor. I'm big on spelling... and humor. I'm sort of a dork. I was lucky enough in the beginning to meet some rather lovely individuals, thus quelling my fear of being a lonely and bitter old spinster. I had a lot of fun getting to know these people; and myself for that matter. I had forgotten how much fun I am!
Today I was commenting to this fabulous man how interesting I find it that so many of my clients have met via the wonders of the internet. It's no longer a bad thing to admit to and I love to hear their stories. One of my favorites was of Amy and Kevin. They met on and spent six months chatting back and forth before she was comfortable enough to meet him in person. Amy had gone through a rather tumultuous divorce a year or so prior. She was a bit gun-shy but knew that somewhere out there was the perfect creature. Kevin was beyond patient and understanding. When they finally met he said he felt like fireworks were going off in his head. He told me (with this gleam in his eye that darn near made me tear up!) that to hear her voice for the first time made his knees weak. He had pictured how she sounded for all of those months and to finally have her standing before him and hear her say his name turned him into a puddle. Three weeks after their first meeting Kevin asked Amy to marry him. They had a fantastic ceremony in the mountains; just close friends and family. I remember watching Amy pose for pictures... she had this smile on her face that literally could have lit a city. Her head held high, shoulders up, that woman was on cloud nine. There was no fretting, no worries, just absolute joy. I caught Kevin cheating; he was watching her from a doorway. I stopped to watch him watching her and he caught me doing so. He turned to me and quietly whispered, "I had no idea I could be this in love." Okay, then I cried:) Amy and Kevin have been contently married for four years now. They can be seen regularly holding hands and kissing during football games at their favorite bar.

I'd love to hear your stories as well! Please share!


amybyrd said...

I met my husband through eHarmony. I had joined several times and hadn't met anyone that was right--I had plenty of first dates but no real relationships for several years. Then I joined again and within a week was talking to my Kevin and setting up a date. He wanted to go to drinks, i said how about lunch. He said I demanded a hug at the end of the afternoon--which I don't remember. We went on for the second and third dates and now 2 years later we are married. I knew he was the one after a few months--he said he knew even sooner. Its so great finding the person who really complements you. And then you get the amazing wedding and the beautiful wedding cake from kelley!

Kelley's Kitchen said...

Thanks for sharing your story! It's just quite wonderful to find "the one".
I've personally done one wedding... I'm going for adventure next time! Skydiving? I'll wear the dress to the party after!