Sunday, December 7, 2008

Four Months and Counting! -- Mooshy post----

I'm feeling rather blessed; I have an amazing boyfriend. I like that he's aware he's different from most men but doesn't know just how awesome he is. I think it's adorable when he wonders if I'm weirded about by his vast domestic skills. I don't know what's hotter: the fact that yesterday he spent a good chunk of his day making sure his daughter made it to the birthday party or that he will stop in the middle of making a fabulous meal to walk over and kiss me as I'm watching him do all of the work. That he makes sure his kids always have a healthy lunch for school, points out how a certain shade of green makes my eyes stand out, curls up with his kids on the ginormous beanbag to watch cartoons or can confidently walk into an auto parts salvage yard and know what the hell he needs and how to install it. Amidst flying foam darts, hollering boys jumping over furniture and off of the stairs, a whining preteen girl, the terrible script that is Home Alone 3.... I can look over at him and see the same sense of contentment and joy in his eyes that comes over me in waves. He smiles with his whole face and it is the most lovely site to behold. Lucky me:)

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