Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Awesome Kids

My daughter is about to turn 13... THIRTEEN! Where did the time go?? I always teased my mom for saying that. Now I get it.
Kiera is finishing up the 7th grade. This fall she switches over to Morey Middle School (right by Wax Trax---cool!) and enters their HG program....cuz she's "smrt":) I won't miss the lengthy commute to the old schools, but am glad I chose to keep them there.
After Morey, Kiera heads to East H.S., which is an amazing school by Tattered Cover (lucky kid!) off of Colfax. I did my research--- that school rocks! She'll benefit from having Tasha there (Tasha is Ames' daughter and she'll be a Junior then) to pal around with. Nothing like having an "in" when hitting high school!
I hope Kiera discovers theater like I did. I think she'd love it as she's so creative. I didn't act; I built and painted and ran the lights. I loved every second of it and made some incredible lifetime friends.

Joshua (now 9) also starts a new school-- he'll be entering the 4th grade at Edison, which is up near the 32nd and Lowell stuff. I see many a trip to Happy Cakes and House of Commons in my future. He'll go to school with Ronin (Ames' other spawn, who happens to be in the same grade and age as Joshua). I can only imagine the havoc those two will wreak if put into the same class. Oh Lord.
I'm debating whether to keep Joshua on his beloved soccer team out in Aurora or switch him to a new team in Denver. His current team and coach are just wonderful. Not only did they kick butt this past season (undefeated baby!!) but the boys have really come together and play as a cohesive unit now. Joshua LOVES soccer. Right now it seems totally worth the drive a couple times a week to take him over there for practice.
Joshua is now 4 1/2 feet tall and thrilled he can finally ride the big rollercoasters. This boy has no fear.

I had a deal with my kids that if they got A's and B's at the end of the year, Joshua would get an Xbox 360 and Kiera would get an Ipod Nano... I've had the Xbox stashed for about a month now--- along with several games and extras. The jury is still out on the Ipod, but I think she's gonna make it. I wonder what color she'll choose? I'm betting purple or hot pink:)

I am quite blessed to have such wonderful children. Watching them become more independent is a thrilling ride... I just hope it doesn't go by too fast.

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