Sunday, May 31, 2009

There be changes on the horizon!

The hot boyfriend and I are nearing the 10 month mark. Big changes have taken place recently as Ames surprised me with home expansion plans to make room for the three of us... another bathroom is a must, as well as one of those spiffy endless water heaters. Two teen girls equals a lot of showering:) The plan is to expand the second floor of his house over the entire first floor. I'm elated to say the least!

This isn't something that's happening tomorrow, but soon. We are in the beginning planning stage whereupon we are thinking of all of the clever and cool things we'd like to add; drawers in the wall instead of needing a dresser, skylights, recycled wood floors, etc. The kids are all on board with the idea as well, which is fantastic. That they feel comfortable with living together is an absolute must.
Tasha is excited that our cat Oreo will live there as she's been bugging her dad for one for just about forever. She says on the first official day she plans to announce, "I win...bwa-ha-ha!". But ssshhhh, he's not supposed to know this:)

To spend the rest of my life with this fabulous man who rides carts in the parking lot and reaches for my hand whenever we're out and about... I can't imagine it getting any better than this.

Pictured is my latest cake--- Traditional wedding cake on the front, sculpted mountainy looking on the back. Ames helped out by adding icing snow to the trees. AND carried all of these massive layers up to the third floor of the history museum where the party was. What a guy!

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