Wednesday, September 23, 2009

AAARG! A Pirate ship wedding cake on "talk like a pirate day"! How cool!!!

Okay, okay, okay... I SOOO loved making this cake! I had never made a pirate ship before and I only met them a couple of weeks before their wedding last weekend... I went into this sort of frantic mode while mulling over how to make this cake. They wanted the entire bridal party on there, and there was a lot of em!
Jere and Jes just like pirates... no particular reason beyond that for the pirate themed cake. They thought it would be fun and make their guests laugh. THEN they found out it was national "Talk Like A Pirate" day and we knew for certain their decision was meant to be!
I covered the ship in strips of fondant to resemble old planks. The people are sculpted out of clay and kept simple (they're only an inch an a half high). Jere and Jes wanted a fake bride and groom walking the plank while "they" looked on in pirate versions of their wedding attire. Oh, and let's put a big open shark mouth under the plank walking couple! Yeah! Ha! The cake was surrounded by 160ish cupcakes adorned with Wilson's (from Cast Away), squid, shark fins, casks of rum, messages in a bottle and sea turtles. There were some random cupcakes that looked like little islands with chocolate palm trees and "sand" done in glittery sugar.
I owe many, many thanks to my girls for their fine help on this cake.

Tasha and Kiera are both so very creative and talented I HAD to have them help out! Their creations were fantastic and were well received by the wedding attendants. I was told those cupcakes featuring little edible things were devoured first! I like imagining grown men fighting over the last squid cupcake:)

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J said...

I know I'm a little late on this... but that cake was SO FABULOUS! Everybody got a kick out of it. We sent all the wedding-party toppers home with their corresponding members, although I'm sad to say the bride and groom got lost in the cleanup and Jere and I were left without them :(

Not only was the cake everything we had hoped for on the outside, but it was absolutely delicious on the inside too! Everybody loved the cupcakes - even though we had tons of extras, I don't think a single one went to waste. There were some very happy guests toting home cupcakes at the end of the night :) And I'll have you know - the last surviving "character" cupcake was indeed a squid, and after all the grown men were done fighting over it, Jere and I split it ;)

Thanks again for all your hard work and imagination. We were totally blown away. As I've said before - we'll have to commandeer ye for our anniversary parties! Yarr!