Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's Official! The Cake Gal is getting married!

So I have to blog about last Friday and its awesomeness! Ames and I were scheduled for our first sky diving experience. I have always said I'm doing this before I turn 40 and there was no way I was going to let that goal slip by. We made a reservation with Mile High Skydiving (they ROCK! Go there!) and got there a little before our 10am appt. I was a bit nervous about take off in such a small plane, but overall just thrilled to finally be doing this. Having Ames with me made it even more incredible. Insert "aaawwwww" here.
We were suited up and introduced to our professional tandem guys. Yay tandem guys! I'm with Eric, who is laid back and all smiles. We hired a guy to film us as well, so we're answering silly questions and posing and whatnot. We get in the plane... I realize I'm seated closest to the door. This means first out. Okay, no problem. I can handle that. Like being in the first car on the roller coaster, right? Totally! Camera guy is filming my reaction to tandem guy's altimeter. I am watching the mountains get smaller and all is well in the world. Can we open the door now? BTW, the door is nothing more than a clear roll up garage type door. One good lean on it and you're outta there! In the plane with us are two sisters and their tandem guys. There's lots of nervous giggling. I get to put on the silly hat and goggles because of my out of control curly hair. Don't want it whipping my tandem guy in the face!
We hit 17,000ft and Eric slides the door open. Camera guy is watching me, taking still shots and filming me at the same time. He had this cool remote for his camera that he operates with his teeth. It's all mounted to his helmet. Camera guy climbs out and hangs on the side of the plane to film my jump and tandem guy scoots us in a crouch to the door. I'm looking out over the mountains and recalling Ames mouthing "I love you" a few minutes prior. It is an amazing site and I am so ready to fall into it! Tandem guy starts counting back from four loudly. He has to holler... the wind is deafening! Next thing I know we're leaning forward and falling. I'm grinning from ear to ear while my face flaps in the wind and my teeth instantly dry out. I'm watching the ground rush towards us and Eric starts spinning us. That was SO COOL! He taps me on the shoulder and points for me to look forward and there a few feet in front of me is camera guy. I give him a big whooping holler and a double thumbs up! I already wanna go again! Tandem guy pulls the chute and there is this gentle slowing. Not at all what I expected. Suddenly it's so quiet! He spins us around and around and I continue to holler dorky stuff like, "This is SO AWESOME! I WANT YOUR JOB!!" I'm looking for Ames. I see the two gals far off, but not him. Tandem guy releases some straps and I'm just hanging there. I don't really want to think about what was still attaching me, but that feeling of just floating was incredible. We spin around towards the landing zone and he points to Ames far below us quickly rushing towards the ground. I ask, "How in the heck did he get there before us?!" Tandem guy just laughs and says we are taking our time so I have a great video to watch later. Camera guy is already on the ground filming Ames' landing. I see Ames quickly get released from his shoot and hurry towards the camera guy... and take this large white thing out of his jacket. Right then I think my heart wanted to come out of my chest. He unfolds it and it says what I am hoping it says..."Will You Marry Me?" Holy crap! As we float towards him I can see his smile and I'm yelling, "Are you serious?! Oh My God, really??" I do believe there was some giggling as well... I tend to do that A LOT when nervous. I remember Eric telling me to put my feet out and sit down and that's all I recall. I'm trying to find Ames behind the billowing parachute. Eric quickly gets it out of the way and Ames walks over to me and helps me up. I'm still giggling as he drops to one knee and asks me in person. I say, "Of course I'll marry you!" More giggling. He puts the ring on my finger and I see camera guy out of the corner of my eye snapping away. There was much kissing and hugging. My knees and hands were shaking like mad. I totally did not see that coming! Just WOW!
Ames had asked our kids the week before how they felt about this. I believe his daughter said something like, "It's about time". He had the ring ordered and hidden. He called my mom the night before and asked her permission. My mom absolutely adores this man... even more so now. Smooth move Mr. Prather:)
So I am engaged! And I jumped out of a plane! I'm still grinning from ear to ear, though the giggling has subsided. At least until my fiance:) tickles me to make the dog go nuts.
We eagerly await our video and pictures... they will be plastered all over facebook and here I'm sure. I might even Twitter them:)

We don't have a date set yet, but we're thinking spring. I already have the cake idea picked out, though!


Teddi said...

I can't wait to see what kind of cake you'll have! Congratulations Kelley. I am so happy for you!

ReBecca Foster said...

OMG!! That is sooo very awesome!! Congrats Kelley!!

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