Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I LOVE my G1!

How I ever managed without the internet on my phone is beyond me. Since getting the G1, I have shaved hours off of having to sit in front of the computer to answer business emails.

I LOVE the "find me" map. I was seriously lost in Golden recently and my phone tracked me and led me to my location... and even found a short-cut the original printed map I had didn't mention. Sweeeeeet.

I dig the free apps and whatnot. There are more than enough for me to choose from. I'm not one to sit and play games on my phone, but my kids dig the Abduction game. Cows and martians I believe. My phone syncs to my Gmail... way cool.

I think I am most thrilled to be done with Sprint. I had issues with them from day one. Calls dropped daily, their billing is ridiculous, they'd turn my phone off despite a zero balance due, they renewed my contract without my permission.... Major suckage.

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