Monday, June 16, 2008

The way things work here at Kelley Kakes

Boy are we busy, and boy are we loving it! Making cakes for you all makes us very happy. I feel privileged:) Back in my early 20's I would never have imagined I'd have such a fantastic job! It's hard work, it's long hours, but is the most rewarding thing I've done in life aside from raising my kids.

Since we're a small company we don't have group tastings at a shop or the ability to have potential clients just drop in. We don't have a storefront (yet!!!) and no place to sit and chat at our workspace. You'd probably end up with flour in your hair:) So that's why we come to you for meetings and this works well for us because we believe your cake is special and deserves a sit down one- on- one chat. We don't do air-brushed sheet cakes you pick out of a book here.

We're in the midst of wedding season and it's frantic and fun! However it makes scheduling meetings a bit of a challenge. At the moment we're scheduling meetings two weeks out and getting one on a weekend is darned near impossible. But please be patient with us! Once you call or email us and set up an appt. we keep your event date penciled in. You can be assured that when our meeting happens we are still available. Currently most of our meetings take place early in the week as things kick into high gear as we get closer to the weekends. Since we bake everything fresh for events, we need to leave Wed. through Fridays open for that.

Thank you all for helping make Kelley Kakes happen!