Thursday, May 6, 2010

Inspiration For Your Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes... oh so many wonderful options when it comes to designing your wedding cake:) I love it! No more must they be all white with swags of flowers!! No more! Of course, this is entirely acceptable if that's your thing...:)
With the advances in products available to we cake artistes and the plethora of cake shows to inspire on t.v., there really is no limit to what your wedding cake can look like.

Some of my clients this year are going all out; one couple is embracing their love of four-wheeling with a topsy turvy cake featuring desert colors and their Jeep on top. Another couple loves to snowmobile with their dogs and their cake will be shaped like a mountain, with chocolate trees and glittery icing snow. Another is taken with the gorgeous gate back-drop in the theater room at the Oxford Hotel and I'll pipe some details from it onto their cake. There's the couple that loves to travel and for them I'll make a stack of suitcases with edible travel stickers to represent their favorite places. And, I cannot leave out the groom who is known for his queso dip, and for him a groom's cake shaped like a crock pot of cheesy goodness. I'll make chips out of colored white chocolate!

So when you're thinking about your cake, it's okay to think outside of the white cake box. Do your invitations feature aspen leaves? Why not have some made out of sugar for your cake to tie in the theme?
Love, love, love the color combination of teal blue and royal purple? How about big loopy swirls and polka dots in those colors? Having a luau? Chocolate palm trees and sugar coral it is! Dig art deco? How about taking the patterns from the Chrysler building's lobby?

Your wedding cake should be an extension of your personality and taste, so don't be afraid to express yourself!