Thursday, July 10, 2008


I never really thought I'd jump on the cupcake bandwagon... I like them, I've always liked them, but they didn't seem as special to me as a big centerpiece wedding cake. They were more about birthday parties and kids. But, I've had a couple of really interesting orders recently and I've changed my mind about them... chartreuse colored icing with chocolate monarch butterflies--- that was so much fun to make and visually stunning! After that I had a couple that said, "just do anything fun and colorful!" :) I made chocolate smiley faces, hearts, hippy daisies, etc... the end result was a tower of whimsical confections topped by a giant cupcake (I love my new giant cupcake pan!) adorned with a big red Gerbera daisy. It just made all of us grin. I can imagine the wedding guests looking over all of the different patterns trying to pick just one. That particular day they had six delicious flavors to choose from... and a very smart bride that ordered plenty of extra little cakes so her guests could try them all if they chose to.

Now these will never replace my love for the grand wedding cake, but I've got lots of ideas rolling around in my head for cupcakes now..... one shop that has been a great inspiration is (I LOVE that name!). Someone out there wants to have little purse cakes, don't you? Yeah? Okay call me! Let's do it! FUN!!!!!