Saturday, August 23, 2008


Now I love a traditional wedding cake, but when I get to stray outside the white icing box and play, boy do I enjoy myself! This cake was a mystery up until about midnight Friday before the Sat. wedding. It was baked and iced red, mind you.. but the design was still a toss-up. I was given free reign by the couple. I googled Mehindi designs, Hindu inspired cakes, etc... and started to play. It makes me want to go out and Henna myself! I just love it-- so intricate and feminine. Thank you Autumn Burke for the wonderful picture. Check out Autumn's site at

New Fabulous Stationary Store To Check Out!

Today I discovered Scribbles, a new custom stationary store on 15th, right near my favorite REI and sandwich joint. (Paris on the Platte--- chicken pesto on focaccia... fantastic!). I'm looking personally to upgrade my business cards and that's what led me in their door. I asked about wedding invitations and was informed they have a plethora of designs, and the ability to customize for you. Their website is not quite up and running but I found this very informative blog on them:

Check this place out! I love that it's locally owned and small and personal. The way it should be:) I wish the Scribbles gals much success!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chocolate branches and lovely brides

I had the pleasure of making a wedding cake for Lisa and Justin recently... I had so much fun making this cake because it challenged me to think outside the box a bit. I'd never done a chocolate branch, let alone make one appear as though it's drifting up the side of all three layers. The branch had to be done in sections as I don't like to deliver my cakes already assembled. I think there's too much room for error and I don't like having to drive a dowel through the whole thing to keep it from the branch had to be finished on site.
Their reception was at Kevin Taylor's--- a lovely location you'd never expect to see in a basement. Just lovely. The staff... wonderful. I had the pleasure of seeing Lisa in her dress, and she was stunning! Even better, I got to see her reaction to her cake and that made me grin for the rest of the day. I typically don't see the happy couple the day of, as they're off getting married:)...
Lisa had provided me with a gorgeous ribbon to use on the cake--- it went so perfectly with the little sugar flowers and chocolate branch. This was a cake I didn't want to leave.
Thank you Lisa and Justin for allowing me to be a part of your happiest day. I sincerely appreciate it!