Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Meet Rosie! Our newest foster pup:)
Isn't she just beautiful?? Her big brown eyes just make you melt, don't they? Rosie is nearly a year old, so she's just about done growing. She's roughly 50lbs. and on the larger side of "medium dog". She's house trained, crate trained, up to date on shots, spayed, pretty decent on a leash, will bring the ball back when playing fetch, knows several commands, doesn't have any issues with people, loves other dogs and thinks the cat is mighty fun. She was well loved by her previous owner, who tried their best to keep her, but couldn't due to their living situation. She came to New Hope about three weeks ago. Rosie will stick right by your side and isn't distracted easily. We think she'll be excellent on hikes off leash. She is very attentive and watching her watch our movements is pretty fascinating. I'm sure that if she had thumbs, she'd figure out how to get the fridge open as she knows that's where the good stuff is! Rosie is incredibly gentle with people and loves to cuddle and have her ears scratched. Her ears are so soft:)! She snores when she sleeps, and sometimes hogs the blankets. Rosie is not afraid of loud noises (ie: kids), will bob for ice cubes in her water dish and enjoys being brushed. She loves to chew and will annihilate a rawhide in mere hours... especially if you put a little peanut butter in it. Give her the tree trimmings and she'll mulch them for you.
When you adopt a dog our family has been fostering, you can expect this: A happy, playful pup who's been cuddled and kissed and spoiled a bit. A pup who sleeps on the bed (or wherever they want) with several other dogs, who has been a pillow for children, and knows that when told to "sit" in the kitchen that there's usually a treat coming.
You'll have peace of mind knowing that your new pal gets along just fine with kids of all ages, other dogs, grown ups, knows what it's like to ride in the car and has passed the "dog park test". Your dog will be healthy, having been thoroughly checked out by the vets who work with New Hope, and will have been fed a high quality food during their time with us (we are dog food snobs... just fyi..) Your pup will know basic commands and will have been rewarded for good behavior. Your pup will not have been scolded for things they may have done but we didn't catch them doing, as we know a dog must be caught in the act in order to understand why you are scolding them. Your pal will never have been hit by us. We will ask you a plethora of questions about your daily activity, living situation, family members and other pets. Our job is to make sure everyone will be happy. We will visit your home if possible. We will turn you away should you say things like, "We want a puppy, but have you trained her to not chew on things?". We might tear up a bit saying "goodbye", but that's because part of us has fallen in love with your new pal. The joy of knowing we've just made you and a dog very happy is rewarding beyond words. Rosie, along with many other wonderful Cattle Dogs, will be at an Adoption Fair this Saturday (the 8th) at Petco in Golden--- address is--17132 West Colfax Ave., CO 80401 from 9am until 3pm. Even if you're not looking for a new pup, please share this info with others. Thank you!