Sunday, December 6, 2009

The cake gal got married!

Somehow we managed to pull off a sneak attack wedding yesterday (Dec. 5th) in front of the ginormous dancing aliens along Speer Blvd. It was epic!

Last month we sent out invites to an engagement party at The Curtis Hotel. Be there at 1pm sharp and be ready for some silliness! In on the plan were our fabulous friends/wedding vendors: TC (wedding planner OF DOOM!) of, Dawn (florist extraordinaire!) and Jason and Gina (amazing photographers!), as well as our pal and officiant, Marsh (aka GimpyChinaMan).

The Plan: Get people there and have them wait in the lobby with Ames while he paces nervously and spouts off stuff like, "Kelley had a delivery time change and is on the way with the kids". Once everyone gets there, he tells them I've arrived and he's going to help me unload the car. He jets across the street (the Curtis is about a block from the dancing aliens), and runs through the Denver Performing Arts Center changing his clothes Superman style. During this time the kids and I have been over there taking pictures with Gina. All went well thus far... hooray!
Ames gets into place. The kids and I try to stay hidden. TC tells our crowd at the hotel to follow her and leads them over to the aliens. This was sooo cool because as they came out of the performing arts center area they see Ames standing there with those silly aliens in the background. Our crowd gathers around Ames and Dawn turns to Marsh and pins a boutonniere on him. Marsh walks up to Ames and announces that RIGHT NOW we're gathered for our wedding. We figure about now is when at least two of our friends say, "You bastards!" Ames picks up a boombox and holds it over his head and plays "Book of Love" by Peter Gabriel. The boys walk out all handsome in their suits and brand new pocket watches. The girls walk out in their spiffy steam punk inspired outfits, complete with lime green boots on Kiera and combat boots and goggles on Tasha. Awesomeness:) I'm trying not to cry watching them walk out there to that song (which I love). TC tells me it's my turn... I concentrate on not tripping on the stairs in my very long dress (which I made because I am insane) I wore some extremely bitchin boots under it!
The weather was perfect during our ceremony. The sun was shining, the wind was not blowing and there was just enough snow on the ground to make things interesting. Marsh did a bang up job of things for us and our ceremony went off without a hitch. The boys were so cute handing us the rings and the girls just looked stunning with their gorgeous Dawn bouquets! She steampunked them with twirly wires and little charms.
Speaking of our rings, we got them off of Etsy. We wanted mokume and found this beautiful copper and silver bands. Fantastic stuff on Etsy!
Afterwards we headed back over to The Curtis for our reception. Jason and Gina had set up this terrifically fun photo corner where we had a trunk full of silly hats and whatnot. A camera was set up with all of the cool lighting and such and folks could go over and take whatever pictures they wanted of themselves. We had a lot of kids and I have a feeling Jason and Gina are going to have to sort through a few thousand shots because those kids were having a blast with things!
I made our cake with help from the kids and Ames. I love that it was a group project. The roller coaster actually has a lot of meaning to me:) Think of the movie Parenthood.

We danced, we ate cake, we presented Amy with a ginormous fruit basket because she is responsible for us meeting. She told Ames when he was looking at my profile on the online dating site that he should, "Go out with her!".
The flowers Dawn surprised us with were drop dead gorgeous. She didn't tell us what she was doing, and just WOW. TC kept us calm and our guests happy and the party moving along. Jason and Gina made us feel comfortable in front of the camera and made posing for pictures FUN.
Thank you Bunny for the wonderful framed print of our Maroon Bells experience, and for the precious book. What you said to me makes me cry every time I think of it. I can't thank you and Cheryl enough for the warm welcome to the Prather family. What a wonderful bunch you are!

I'm a wife!! And I have the most perfect husband a gal could ask for:)