Monday, January 31, 2011

Our cake give-away contest!

Our contest has come to an end, and we thank you all for the terrific stories you've shared! Our winners will be announced on Valentine's Day:)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Kelley Kakes is giving away a wedding cake in 2011!!!

That's right... we're giving away a wedding cake! I'm in search of a couple out there with a fantastic love story to tell. Did you meet in a really "this never should have happened" way? What odds did your relationship overcome to get to the point of saying "I do"? Maybe you've got children from a previous relationship and (like me) you just find yourself wandering around in a daze over the realization that you've found someone who accepts you as a package deal? Whatever it is, if you think you've got a story to tell, then email me at and lay it on me!

Now the rules- I'm keeping these at a minimum because rules are no fun....

*Your wedding can take place any time during 2011.

*Your reception must take place within 30 miles of metro Denver to qualify for free delivery (you can certainly enter if you're outside of this area, but a delivery fee will be necessary)

*The cake can serve up to 100 guests. I'm pretty willing to fudge the numbers on this one if there is a fantastic design that requires a little more cake. Additional servings can be added at a very discounted rate.

*The cake can be more than one flavor and will be iced in buttercream. No limit to colors used, detailing and whatnot. Free cake does not have to be boring cake! Although I have nothing against the classic white wedding cake:)

That's about it, folks! Again, email me personally at your fabulous tale. The contest ends January 21st. The winner will be notified January 22nd. We'll blog and rave about them on Valentine's Day.

Due to the plethora of stories we've already received we've decided to create a 2nd place winner, and they will receive 50% off their cake! We'll notify those lucky folks on January 22nd as well.

Thanks everyone! Keep em coming! We love reading your true love stories!